Cutest Kid Contest
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Tuesday, September 17, 2019
By Kristin Gainey Photography
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Cutest Kid Contest

The Cutest Kid Contest begins TODAY!  

For the first time since 2011 I am holding another Cutest Kid Contest! The parent/guardian of the winning child/children will win a Free Portrait Session. This Portrait Session can be used for one child, siblings, or the family. (Excluding newborn sessions).  Also anyone that enters and is not a winner...will also receive a discount to use toward their next full portrait session. (Limit one per household).  


* To vote for a photo and for it to count voters must LIKE the photo of the child they are voting for as well as LIKE and FOLLOW Kristin Gainey Photography's Business Page.  

* The photo with the most LIKES will be the winner. Comments permitted, but WILL NOT count towards the total number of votes.  Kristin Gainey Photography will verify that all likes of the winning photo have come from Kristin Gainey Photography Facebook fans; likes from non-fans will not be counted.


* A free photo session with Kristin Gainey Photography. The portrait session is a 45 minute session that includes 50 digital images sent via a downloadable gallery with print release. Session location of your choice and can be used for one child, siblings, or the family. (Excluding newborn sessions). A $15 fee for each additional family member if it exceeds 5.

* Photo session must be booked within 30 days of winning, and completed before April 30, 2020 

* Prize retail value $395 - cannot be altered or changed or transferred in any way, and not redeemable for cash.

* Additional prints and products will be available for purchase at retail prices by contacting Kristin Gainey Photography.

* No other promotions or discounts can be applied.

Here are the Applicants!!!


Ashton is my miracle baby. He is full of love and there is never a dull moment with him. He is full of life and I guarantee you on your worst day he will make it all melt away . He has overcome a couple of obstacles and yet is still fighting. Ashton loves his Anddaddy (grandad).  He is very smart and very observant and loves to play with his big brother and and really is the life of the party.


Langston is a very vivacious boy with a large personality and a hunger for knowledge. Born six weeks early he spent almost a month in the NICU, but that has never impeded him from being the best little boy a mom could ask for. Since he was six months old he has been attracted to and enjoyed learning new things. He currently can identify all upper and lowercase letters, shapes, colors, numbers, parts of a flower, plant life cycle, his 5 senses, feelings, pre k sight words and who is on the 1, 5, 10, 20 ,50, and 100 dollar bill's, and the amount and name of each coin.
His heart is so big and he loves hard. He makes sure to tell you that he loves you regularly and has no shame in asking for cuddles. He understands the importance of family and respect by acknowledging his manners and saying please and thank you. We are currently working on yes and no sir as well as yes and no ma'am.
Langston's favorite activities include being with mommy and Daddy all the time, going to the beach, reading Pete the Cat, riding on the golf cart with Papa, playing his drumset, working on his preschool binder puzzles, and watching Blippi or Toy Story.


Will is the sweetest,loving and fun kid! He loves dinosaurs, Blippi and apples. When he isn’t living in his momma he is rough housing with daddy or playing twinkle little star on his keyboard!


Wyatt is a around fun boy! He loves sports and currently wrestles and plays football. He loves riding his bike and playing outside. When he’s not being a total boy he’s busy loving on his mama and bring a little brother to his 3 older sisters. He loves school and is always asking questions to learn new things! He also loves riding his dirt bike.


She is my beautiful miracle baby. She has never ending energy. She is fun and loving. Her favorite things include anything Curious George and/or Daniel Tiger related. She absolutely loves books.


Trevor is a 6-year-old boy from Franklin County that loves all things Law Enforcement. Trevor’s interest in Law Enforcement started 5 years ago after receiving a toy Police car for his 1st birthday and a Police tricycle for Christmas a few months later. Since then Trevor’s interest and support has grown more than 10x what it was. Trevor’s favorite things to do are collecting Law Enforcement patches from around the country and playing cops and robbers with his friends at recess (since pre-k!). In the last year Trevor has collected over 80 patches from all over the United States including Puerto Rico! He is quick to say that Police Officers are super heroes because they kick bad guy butts and is one of the biggest supporters of Law Enforcement that I know.

Devin & Gunnar

Devin & Gunnar are 4 yr old fraternal twins who are as opposite as opposite can be (which means I take every opportunity to match their clothes that I can). One looks like Daddy, one looks like Mommy. One eats everything & one won't eat anything! As different as they can be though they are both the sweetest, most loving little cuddle bugs! Who love each other so much!


Haynes is such a sweet baby. She loves to laugh and play, she’s very vocal and so entertaining. Our family and friends say she’s internet famous because they watch Facebook for new photos and videos daily.

Kinziee & Gatlin

Gatlin was a miracle baby, having been told we could have children naturally, I had emergency surgery to remove by Fallopian tube we found out we were expecting. Fast forward 18 months and these 2 are inseparable. Kinziee lives part time with us and part time with her mom, but based off their love for each other you would never know. We don't have profession pictures of them and would LOVE this opportunity! 


Koraline is a sweet and sassy two year old. She loves reading books, animals,the beach, playing outside, bubbles and ice cream cones! She has the best smile and laugh (photos don’t always capture this part of her- she usually has her serious face on during a photography session).


Chase is the baby of our family. He has 1 older sister and 2 older brothers. He loves to play dinosaurs, throw a ball or play hockey in the basement. Chase especially loves to dress up and jump off anything and everything as a superhero, his favorites are Spider-man and Hulk. He enjoys tagging along to watch his older siblings play ball and thinks he can do anything and everything they do. He especially loves to cheer for the Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs and loves Diesel! He is the daredevil of our family and has no fear. His giggle is contagious. He may be a little rotten but we are ok with that!!

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