Before the portrait session:

Your service begins with our first conversation. As part of the booking process, we will have our pre-consultation during which I’ll get a feel for your expectations and we can talk about locations and ideas for getting that perfect shot.

You know yourself or your family best, and I want to be sure to meet everyone when well rested, fed, and ready to be social. After we have decided on a date and time, I will send you a welcome packet and a client agreement form.

The session on average lasts between one to two hours (with the exception of newborns). This allows sufficient time for changing a diaper, feeding a baby on their schedule, getting everyone used to being photographed, etc., and will also allow for us to go to different places in and around your home or another location in the Roanoke vicinity. Maybe there is a playground nearby that you go to often, or a pond that your dog likes to jump into; wherever you like to go together is a place we should go. Basically, know that I will stay there until I feel like I have a variety of looks to work with what capture you or your family's personality.

During our session:

A normal portrait session could include but is not limited to a family, children, maternity, newborn, engagement, or senior. What works best is if you could just let me in and then immediately forget I was there. I want to stay in the background while your family plays and interacts together. I will provide some direction during the shoot, but you are the best judge of what makes you comfortable.

Occasionally I will request poses or ask that you lift up your chin or turn a little more my way, or maybe suggesting we move to a different location. Beyond that, the best photos come from natural interaction, so I just keep back on the periphery, witnessing and photographing. Feel free to bring your ideas to the session. Some of the best pictures come out of collaboration.

What should I wear:

Everyone does not need to match. Wear clothes you love and feel comfortable in; go dressy, go casual, whatever you would like. For groups you do want to have the same overall style and colors in the same family. Newborns and little babies often look cute in their birthday suits or with a diaper and cute hat or tutu. It can make for some amazing shots if parents of newborns have a black shirt.

Generally speaking, solid colors, and layers work best in portrait photography. Bold stripes and logos tend to distract from the most important subject – you! However, if you feel that polka dotted summer dress reflects your personality perfectly, by all means wear it. You may also consider changing into multiple outfits during the shoot. If there are several of you in the shoot, consider wearing something of similar color to each other. This will bring some unity to the group, perfect for family portraits.

I am here to help so please do not hesitate to ask or email me a picture of the outfit in question. In some cases I might have the perfect location in mind simply based on the clothing.

Pet portraits:

On the day of your shoot, it’s best if you can exercise your pet for at least 30 minutes before I arrive. I usually arrive about 15 minutes early so that I can get to know your pets and they can become familiar with the site and sounds of the camera. I will likely be bribing them with squeaky toys and treats to keep them focused and having fun! If your pet has food allergies, please let me know in advance. If they have a special treat or toy that they love, please feel free to bring it along.

Before I even pick up the camera I like to spend some time getting to know your pet. Tell me about how your dog thinks he owns the living room couch, or how he frequently gets into arguments with his own reflection. What does your pet do that makes you laugh out loud and what does he do that makes you want to give him a big smooch?

If this is a portrait session with your pet, color coordinate at least one piece of clothing with your pet’s collar/leash or photo location.

In all my pictures I try to capture the personality you see in your pet everyday. With my style there is seldom a backdrop or posed shots, just natural light in a location that your pet is comfortable. Our pets don't need our help to be cute, and I think the best pictures are made when they are allowed to just be themselves. We'll spend time doing the things your pet does best - things like meander around the house, lounge on the couch, and play in the grass outside. Also, whether your pet is crazy hyper or tends to be a bit shy, I've found that with a little patience, we can always bring out their best side!

On a serious note I do ask that you know your pet. If they have tendencies to dislike children, or not behave well in public areas…please be honest about it and consider that the safety of your family and others are of the utmost importance. If they are nervous about traveling I would strongly suggest an at home session. I also ask that your pets be up to date on all shots and vaccinations. If it’s a family shoot and your pet will only be needed in some shots it is also suggested that you bring a family member or friend to assist with the dog when it’s not needed.

After our session:

The photos from your portrait session will be available to view and order within 14 days. All of your photos will be posted in a password protected online gallery for you to review. You will then be able to order prints or products.